star sapphire
for hearts long lost and full of fright. for those alone in blackest night. accept our rings and join our fight. love conquers all with violet light.
Robert Foster's company, Emerald Star International had just begun production on it's second New York City luxury resort when he recieved the call that his wife had gone into labor nearly two months early. Stella had been visiting from their home of Boston, caught completely off-guard by the sudden labor. In only a mere twenty-seven hours, their third and only daughter, Charlotte was born. With the couple's two sons in the care of their parents, Stella stayed in the city for a couple weeks while the premature little girl was under the care of the best doctors in the country. It was mostly precautionary, to make sure her health was fully developed enough for her to be on her own. Once they returned home, things only got more crazy. The boys were both in school by that point, leaving Charlotte and her mother enough time to bond with the help of a live-in nanny. Robert was a hotel mogul, which meant he traveled frequently, but the family was extremely well-off as they had been for decades. Money was never an issue, even from the time their parents and their grandparents were kids.

Prep school was always the route and Charly, as she was commonly called, was very well suited for it. She was bright from a young age, though she had some trouble applying herself, being much more concerned with socializing rather than doing schoolwork. This was frustrating for her teachers, since her potential was obvious. Not only popular for her eventual good looks, Charli was over all one of the nicest students in her class, which was true of her brothers as well. Their parents had money, though they never raised their kids to take that for granted. Of course, everyone in those kind of social circles had skeletons. Scandal was just a way off life, as she would soon find out at when she became a teenager.

They always painted this picture of a perfect family, when it was quite the opposite. Stella and Robert had problems that others only whispered about at fancy parties and country club summers. As their kids got older, they drifted further and further apart. Her mother was the first to be caught unfaithful, though it's speculated that her father had cheated long before. Their marriage crumbled right before the eyes of everyone in their social circle. It never really effected Charly much, since she knew her parents weren't perfect, nor were they in it anymore. Only when her mother decided to up and leave for California did she finally take a stand. She didn't necessarily rebel much more than she already had. Instead, she simply held the grudge against her mom, refusing to speak to her for months on end. Never once did she say her father was perfect, but part of her held in a lot of resentment that caused her to act out.

Charly was accepted to Boston University where she completed a majority of her core classes, earing an Associates Degree. At that point, she didn't know what she wanted to do. She spent her summers partying, traveling, networking, and making connections. Her father urged her to consider a program that would benefit her in coming on board within his company. Her brothers had gone their own way for the time being and he wanted to start prepping at least one of his children to take over. Even to this day, she's not really interested. Charly likes her lifestyle, both it's responsibilities and freedoms.

All things considered, she eventually earned an MBA from Cornell University which fed into an assistant position until the Events manager of the corporation opened up. Event planning is really where she thrives. It's not exactly using her degrees to the fullest, but she could care less. Even at heart, she's still irresponsible. She prefers to keep things flexible and has managed that thus far. A lot of her time is still spent traveling and the like. While her parents aren't entirely pleased by this, they still have faith that she'll turn it around someday. Right now, she's having fun and enjoying life. She wouldn't have it any other way.

⤑ name charlotte nicole foster ⤑ aka charly, char, chachi ⤑ comicverse carol ferris / star sapphire ⤑ date of birth + age 20th august 1989 & 27 ⤑ birthplace new york city, ny ⤑ current residence boston, ma ⤑ occupation events coodinator @ emerald star corperation ⤑ relationship status single


comic parallels name • same initials as carol ferris

education • heiress of a large scale company

physical • both employed within those corporations

mannerism • similar personality traits

incentives violet power ring
repelling ray
skilled pilot
star sapphire uniform
memories memories of carol ferris
memories of zamarons
memories of star sapphires


education • high school
• boston university/undergrad
    ↳ cornell university/mba